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Alrighty, everyone, it's the -gasp- first Kesshou group post! Yay! -throws confetti, notices InuBaka's intestines mixed in- wh00ps, how'd that get there? ^^;;

Anyways, welcome, you guys, maybe we'll generate some more members this way and have a little fun ^^; In any case, down to business.

Who is Kesshou, you ask?

Kesshou is the Japanese word for writing in blood and, as a result, we are sometimes shown by writing the kanji for writing in red on the hand or forehead. This is not always true, though, so keep that in mind. We reside in The World and are slowly making our comeback from the groups being disbanded a while back. The World's gotten boring, and we're back to brighten things up...er, so to speak. Since Kesshou is a PK (player killer, that means we...kill...players...yeah, I'll stop insulting your intelligence now) group, we're not the most welcome, but some people dislike us much more than others.

The three original members were Maha/Kesshou (leader), Aurelai/Chat Noir (that's me), and Rina (the / indicates a character revamp, so to speak. Characters are sometimes put together differently, though it's still the same person inside). This group eventually extended to include Shiranai, Yoko, and Ophelia. We began our reign of terror with the simple act of PKing a character by the name of w1nG after watching a marathon at my house of all three Hannibal movies (they happen to be my favourites ^^; ). In short, she was not too pretty afterwards. After that, we were swept up in an exciting World (haha) of warring and bloodshed. Quite fun, it really was, until it was decided that the groups were getting out of hand. The best example is undoubtably the Moochow, a group created of people against Kesshou...and Tsukasa "clones" it seems (he's a very popular character there to say the least). So the groups were disbanded and Kesshou was left to drift about The World. It was a time of peace, I must admit, but it was really really really...well, boring. So we're bringing our little group back. Fun fun fun!
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